Don’t have the money for a full-blown bathroom remodel, yet still need a change? 

Whether it’s just to pass the eye-test or that your family’s growing and you need more room, or maybe you just need a change – without spending all that money on a bathroom remodel.

We have a list of easy bathroom upgrades you can do to your bathroom to upgrade the eye-test and make it more functional, without breaking the bank.

Read on for some ideas.

1. Put a Frame on It

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Get a custom wood mirror frame for your bathroom mirror to add impressive visual element to any bathroom.  

2. Additional Shower Storage

Install some inexpensive shower shelves to add additional space for all that stuff you store in your shower. It’s a great way to expand the storage space in your shower for your growing family as well.

3. Give Your Existing Vanity a Makeover

Does your vanity still serve its purpose, but its looks could use a little upgrade? Take the time to give it a makeover with paint and a paintbrush and completely overhaul the look of your bathroom.

4. Create This Super-Simple Bath Cabinet

Build or buy a bath cabinet to go above your toilet. Many people hang a small picture over the toilet but do this to add an attractive element and add some additional storage.

If you’re feeling extra motivated, you can try to make one yourself.

5. Glass Shelves for Bathroom Storage

Too much? Instead, go for glass shelves. Install open glass shelving over the toilet to give it a more decorative and sleek look.

6. Install a Dimmer Switch

Install a dimmer switch in your bathroom and transform it into a relaxing atmosphere that you may need after a long, stressful day at the office.

Just make sure you know what you’re doing or hire an electrician who does.

7. Towel Warmer for the Win

Speaking of a relaxing atmosphere, install an inexpensive towel warmer for a fantastic fresh just-took-it-out-of-the-dryer feeling after every shower.

8. Make More Room with a Curved Curtain Rod

A curved curtain rod can give your bathroom an upgraded look while giving your more elbow room where you need it most.

9. Install an Extra Pullout Mirror

Is your family growing? Does the small mirror not give you the ample reflective surface that you and your family need?

Mount a pullout mirror on your bathroom wall to solve that issue.

10. Add Some Accent Tile

Accent tile adds a pop of color and can add a luxurious look without having the tile the whole room.

Put it on the vanity wall or inside the shower to completely change how your bathroom looks, without having to upgrade the tile in your own bathroom.

11. Swap Out the Light Fixtures

Upgrade the lighting and the look of your bathroom in one fell swoop by changing out your light fixtures for something more useful.

12. Replace a Faucet

Like the light fixtures, a new faucet and shower-head can give the bathroom a whole new look. Get a little crazy and get a shower head with all those fun settings so whoever is using it can have the shower of their choice.

13. Slather Your Walls in a Fresh Coat of Paint

Change the entire look of your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint.

14. Give Your Floors a Fresh Look With a New Rug

Get a nice bathmat or rug to give your floors a fresh new look. It can have a significant impact on the look of the whole room.

15. Ditch Your Traditional Medicine Cabinet

If you don’t need all the storage, swap out your medicine cabinet for a simple mirror. Medicine cabinets are convenient, but they take up a lot of space and can look somewhat bulky.

Add some space and take your bathroom to a new level with a simple mirror.

16. Modernize Your Mirror


Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

Need to stick with a medicine cabinet for storage? Upgrade with a medicine cabinet with smart features like a magnifying mirror, outlets, and lighting.

Or install a recessed medicine cabinet for the best of both worlds. 

17. Hang Up a New Shower Curtain

Sometimes a new shower curtain can have a significant impact, and it’s worth considering given the ease and cost.

18. Liven Up Your Bathroom With a Potted Plant

Add a couple of plants to add color and a nice look to any bathroom.

19. Install a Shower Door

Install a shower door for a nice, sleek look to any bathroom. It helps keep the water where it should stay while giving your bathroom an elegant look.

20. Towel Rod and Toilet Paper Holder

Since you’re already swapping out the faucets, get a towel rod and toilet paper holder that match. Little things like this can go a long way in upgrading the appearance of your bathroom.

Enjoy Your New Bathroom

Ready to change the look of your bathroom? Or do you need an upgrade for your family?

Just walk through this list and pick some easy upgrades to maximize the space and upgrade the appearance so you can make your bathroom work for you and your family.



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