You know that feeling when you move into a new house, and think this is great, but it needs a little something?

 You want to move in and enjoy your home with your family, but there are just a few things…off.

Or maybe you’ve lived there for some time, and at some point, you think that you need more.

 Maybe you need more space. Maybe you need a better flow. Maybe you need more countertop space to cook those big meals.

 Regardless of the reasoning, maybe it’s time to consider a home addition. 

But first… 

Should You be Considering a Home Addition?

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Look, we get it. 

As the years go by, your family will change. For example, you might have more children, you might be looking to add office space, or you might be outgrowing your current home. 

But should you be considering a home addition?

A home addition is a big project, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to turn a home into a place that reflects your personality and your lifestyle. And could perhaps just turn into your forever home.

Here are five reasons that you should be considering that home addition.

1. You May Be Outgrowing Your Home

And so is your family. 

Often a home (especially a first home) only lasts so long. When you start adding a family – significant other, kids, cats, dogs – you can outgrow the house quickly.

You could always move (which we discuss more below) or go forth with a less chaotic addition.

2. Meet Your Growing Needs

Maybe with everything going on, you need a separate home office – that’s a perfectly suitable need.

Maybe you need a larger kitchen.

Maybe your bathrooms aren’t entirely cutting it anymore.

All of those are good reasons to consider a home addition.

3. Personalized for You (and Your Family)

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Sometimes it’s not things you need, but things you want.

And that’s okay. Not everything has to be needs.

Do you want an indoor patio addition so you can be outside, rain or shine?

Maybe you want an extra room so you can watch football.

Whatever the reason, if you’re going to be there for a while, you should consider what will make everyone happy.

Staying in a cramped house without the things you want or need can become frustrating.

4. It’s Easier than Packing Up 

I’ve never met anyone who enjoys the process of selling, buying, and moving into a new home.

But maybe you found your dream home on the market – there’s nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, maybe you haven’t found your dream home, and you’re not looking forward to the process, potential headaches, and the additional cost that can come with it.

An addition is an easier way to get what you want in a house you still love. 

5. Increasing Your Home Value

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And hey, it’s not like you’re just throwing your money away.

Any addition you add to your home (expanded kitchen? Nicer bathrooms? New dining room?) will also add value to your home.

Not only for you, personally, but also if you do decide to sell one day, your home has the potential to be worth a lot more than if you never did anything.

Consider Making it YOUR Home with a Home Addition

No matter what you decide to do with your home, be it buying a new home, a complete renovation, or home addition, it’s going to be something of a hassle.

Make sure you discuss the potential impact of all these with your general contractor so you have a better idea of how they could all impact you.

But don’t forget about home additions, there could be a variety of reasons to do them, but at the end of the day, you deserve to (and should) love the home you’re living in instead of just putting up with it.

It’s YOUR home, so you should make it fit your needs and your wants.


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