Ah, the kitchen – that place where you cook for your family everyone seems to congregate and hang out. (Why is that, anyway?)

But the truth is, you also have to cook your food there. And if you like to cook or have an extensive family, you know the value of a beautiful and functional kitchen.

If you use your kitchen religiously or regularly have guests over, you’ve probably thought to yourself; Self, I should really do some things to improve my kitchen.

You wouldn’t be the first person to think such crazy thoughts.

But what can you do? Everything involving a kitchen takes so much time and effort, right?

Well, the real answer is – yes and no.

Because while you can spend months tearing things out and thousands of dollars replacing and repairing, there are some things you can do rather quickly and cost-effectively to upgrade your kitchen.

What are we waiting for?

1. Add Some Tile to Your Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash tile can upgrade your kitchen
H-1 Construction Custom Kitchen

Want to have a significant impact on the looks of your kitchen with minimal work?

Think about adding a tile backsplash.

Not only does it look great, but a tile backsplash is also one of the easiest to clean materials you can have behind your range or sink.

  • It can be a perfect complement to your custom cabinetry or shiny new appliances with a simple glazed ceramic tile backsplash. 
  • Or you can choose from one of many variations of glass mosaic tile to make it stand out and amp up the personality of your kitchen.

Your options are endless – It’s your time to be creative.

2. Out with the Old – In With the New

Keep your kitchen upgrade costs down with the simple task of switching out your cabinet hardware. It’s a slight kitchen upgrade, but it may surprise you what such a minor thing can do for your kitchen.

Hardware can age fast, and what may have been an excellent look then could feel old-fashioned now. 

Up your kitchen game by upgrading your cabinet hardware to accent the rest of your kitchen, or your new cabinet look, as we will discuss below.

3. Is it Time to Modernize the Look of Your Sink?

Want to make your sink area a quick makeover? Want to eliminate that traditional swivel head faucet? Do you want to make your life a little easier for everyone in the kitchen? 

How about replacing your old and bloated faucet with a slim pull-down faucet? They’re in style, and they require one hand to perform every function.

And installation’s a breeze.

4. Change Up Your Cabinets

Change up your cabinets – change up your kitchen.

Maybe you have perfectly good wood cabinets but aren’t digging the color anymore. Or perhaps they could use a little sprucing up.

Or maybe you don’t like how they look at all.

Well, luckily you have some options. Some will take more time and effort, but all will be easier and less expensive than replacing your cabinets.

  • Paint – If you just want to try something new, a new paint job can spruce up your kitchen and make the space feel fresh again.
  • Reface – Taking it a little further; you could reface the cabinets you have. A little veneer and some new doors can make everything look new again.
  • Refinish – Admittedly, this will up your kitchen upgrade costs, but if you want to put in a little elbow grease, you can refinish your cabinets. It may take some time and effort, but it can have a big payoff.  

5. Lighting will Up Your Kitchen Game

Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

What Else Are You Going to Do Under Your Cabinets?

Speaking of cabinets, here’s another slight kitchen upgrade that can have big results. 

Not only is under cabinet lighting minimal, but it can make your kitchen look great, and it can shine a light on what you really want to show off.

Further, it’s very functional – it can assist you while cooking, cutting vegetables, cleaning, or simply reading your recipe book.

How About the Whole Enchilada?

Another kitchen upgrade idea for lighting is, well – all of it :).

The right light fixtures will not only add ambiance to your kitchen, but it can shine better light where you want it to, and further, it can accent everything from your new tile backsplash to your new cabinets.

Just focusing on the lighting and fixtures in your kitchen can have a considerable impact.

6. Time to Get Euro-Style With Your Cabinets

Yep, we’re still on the cabinets. Do you want to modernize your look by concealing the hinges? Look no further than Euro-style cabinet hinges.

Concealed hinges can go on any door type as long as they are at least ½ inch thick.

Do a little research to make sure they will work with your cabinets, then get them installed for a great fresh look.

7. Compliment Your New Backsplash with a New Countertop…?

A butcher-block countertop can work wonders for your upgraded kitchen
Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

Ok, not your whole countertop, but a portion of it – with a butcher-block countertop.

It sounds a little aggressive, sure. But you’d be surprised how its well-oiled tones can make your kitchen more welcoming.

And, hey, it’s easy to install, convenient to use, and it can complement whatever you’ve got going on. 

Did I mention cost-efficient?

Ready to Upgrade Your Kitchen?

just give a thumbs up to upgrading your kitchen today
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Do you need a change in one of the most used and visited areas in your house? 

Look no further, pick a couple straightforward things from the list above, and get planning.

Remember, even the smaller changes above can have a dramatic impact on your overall kitchen.

Nervous? Start small and work your way up. 

Look at some photos throughout this article to see a couple of our recently finished kitchens. 

They look great, don’t they? Do they give you any ideas?


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