So many paths you can take…which direction do you go?

The craziness of designing and building your home is already stressful – choosing your custom home builder shouldn’t be.

But you also don’t want to make the mistake of drawing out of a hat – it can be a very costly mistake.

This is our second installment of questions to ask your custom home builder (if you missed the first, here you go, 7 Important Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder).

No matter what phase of your home design you’re in, it’s never too early to test the waters for the custom home builder that will be the perfect complement to your design team.

Or, maybe you already have a general contractor in mind, or you’ve even chosen one already – these are still questions worth asking.

Questions for Your Custom Home Builder

Whether you’re just putting out feelers, are about to decide, or have already decided, I’m sure you have some questions…

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….and below are some good questions to ask.

Will the owner of the home building company be personally involved with your project?

You have probably interacted with the home builder a lot throughout the initial process, especially if they’re a smaller, family-run business like H-1 Construction.

But the odds are that the owner will have to step away, at least to an extent, during the process and oversee your project (and others) from a different vantage point.

Depending on how hands-on they are, the owner will still be involved at critical points in the process and will always be available for specific on-site meetings and be in touch to ensure everything is going well.

This brings us to the next question…

Who will oversee the construction of your home? 

Your general contractor should answer these questions as you go through your pre-construction process.

You should have one person in charge of the construction of your home, from soup to nuts (as they say), and they should introduce you to this person reasonably early in the process.

And don’t worry, not only will a quality custom home builder stay involved, but their values will pass down to the entire team.

Who do I contact with questions and how quickly will they return my phone calls or emails? 

Your custom home builder should lay out the communication structure upfront.

At H-1 Construction we have a one-point-person system, with one person to reach out to for all of your questions and needs (except in the case of emergencies). But we have an entire team dedicated to your project, behind the scenes. We find this easier for everyone involved.

But every construction company is different, just make sure they give you the details so you are comfortable with them, and you know.

Expect a response time of the next business day unless it’s an emergency.

Note: You should also be given an emergency (and potential non-business hours) contact.

Do you have insurance in case something in my home gets damaged in the construction process? 

The contractor’s limited liability insurance should cover up to $1 million in damages (this is a Hawaii state minimum, it could differ in other states) that occur during the construction process, but any construction team should take the necessary time and precautions to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Or in case someone gets hurt?

The contractor’s liability insurance should cover anybody getting hurt on the job site.

General contractors and their employees are very versed around a construction site, so accidents do not occur too often, as appropriate safety measures are taken.

However, this is often not the case with those not employed by the contractor, or hired as a subcontractor, which leads to our next important question.

How often (and when) will I have access to the home during the construction process?

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This is a great question and one that everyone should have clarity on upfront. 

The safety of you and your family comes first, and no job site is a safe job site if you’re not familiar with the site, not certified, and not OSHA trained.

Add to this, that a non-essential person on the job site isn’t covered by insurance, and many general contractors are very cautious about homeowner/job site visits.

At H-1 Construction, we want you to be safe, but also work in a team-like atmosphere and want you to see your home as we go, so we schedule bi-monthly meetings to walk the site with you, so everyone is updated and apprised of what’s going on.

Remove the Stress of Choosing Your Home Builder

ask these questions and you can relax when choosing your custom home builder
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Choosing the right custom home builder (or knowing you’ve chosen the right one) can be stressful and overwhelming.

And it is a critical decision that you shouldn’t take lightly.

But we’ve got your back.

Walk through these questions (and those in our first installment) with any potential custom home builder and use the answers to help you make an informed decision on who will build your next custom home.



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