Last week we went over the differences between a custom home builder and a production home builder.

So let’s say you have decided you need a custom home builder, what are your next steps? 

We’ve already detailed things you should look for in a custom home builder, but what are some questions you should certainly ask a custom home builder before making that ever-important choice?

As always, H-1 Construction has you covered.

Read below to see 7 questions you must ask your custom home builder before you choose.

Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

This is the first part of a series of blog posts addressing questions to ask your custom home builder, so you can rest easy knowing you made the best possible decision, and that your new home is in not just good hands – but great hands.

Speaking of hands – it’s time to raise yours and ask…

raise your hand and ask the right questions
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1. How many years have you been building custom homes? 

Everyone has to start somewhere, but our suggestion is to find a company with some experience, so you know you’re in good hands. If you want to check all the boxes and be safe, a good rule of thumb is that your custom home builder has been a general contractor for at least five years, with around 20 years of experience in the new home construction industry. 

2. Why should I choose you?

Choose a great custom home builder for your building needs
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There are many custom home builders out there that do a good job, so you want to find what sets them apart. So what sets a great custom home builder apart from the rest? 

  • Teamwork and collaboration – not just with the architect and designer, but with YOU. A collaborative effort with the entire team ensures that you will get the house that you want, right down to the door handles.
  • Honestly and transparency – Your first few interactions should give you a good idea of how the process will go with your general contractor, but pay special attention to what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. Every construction project has its bumps and bruises; it’s just the name of the game. Transparency and honesty from the get-go are vital in getting them resolved in a manner that suits everyone.
  • Focus on the finer details – even the little things deserve big focus and can have a significant impact on your finished house

3. Can you give me references from prior clients? 

Getting references is always a great idea. Even if they are given to you from the general contractor, talking to their references will provide you with clear and honest answers and a good idea of what to expect during the entire process. 

4. What type of new home warranty do you offer?

Most general contractors give one year on cosmetic claims and ten years on structure. It’s a good idea to double-check as some go above and beyond.

5. What’s your inspection process at critical points of construction?

Inspections during the custom home building process are very important
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What are the critical points? We consider critical points to be specific walk-throughs such as the electrical or final walk-through, and as needed inspections to address matters that need to be corrected, changed, or finalized.

There will always be points of contention in a home construction project, so it’s important to discuss not only the known critical points but also the critical points that come up during your custom home build. So make sure all the above are addressed.

6. How will you work with my architect and interior designer to make sure my home is built as it was designed and intended? Or to make changes to the design along the way? 

make sure your custom home builder incorporates teamwork
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Custom home building should be a team process. In fact – to work well for everybody involved, it almost has to be a team process. Make sure there’s a history of that, and a plan is in place to work collaboratively with the designer and architect. But don’t stop there; the idea of a team effort should be to work together with everyone – including you – to make suggestions and to brainstorm solutions and potential changes as part of a larger team.

7. How will we work together to resolve disputes? 

A good custom home builder has seen the best and the worst. They will have a system in place for any escalating issues or anything concerning displeasure from anyone on the team. And better yet, they should have a system in place to catch much of that stuff before it escalates and during the build process. Make sure they do.

Selecting a Great Custom Home Builder

Once you know you’ve selected the right general contractor, the stress that’s been eating you up will melt away – because you know your home is in excellent hands.

So if you’re going through the process, start by asking these 7 questions.

The answers will go a long way to ensure you made the right choice, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve gone with a reputable and quality company that will build the amazing custom home you’ve always wanted.

Check back next week, we will have some more great questions to ask your future custom home builder.

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