Have a big weekend planned? 

Maybe you’re going to have company over and you want everything to look perfect, maybe you’re renting or thinking about selling, or maybe you just want to do something because…well, it’s just been too long and its time for a change.

Or, hey, maybe you’ve just been trapped at home so much lately that you’re just…bored and want to change things up.

Whatever the reason, we’ve thrown together some home improvement tips and ideas to make your home more inviting, more spacious, and more relaxing. So here’s a list of 7 things you can do this weekend to improve your home, inside and out. 

And, as a bonus, some of these things will even add value to your home.

See, we’re always looking out for you :).

Upgrade Your Home With an Interior Color Change

I know – who wants to paint?

Doesn’t sound fun to me either.

But you’d be surprised what a fresh coat can do for you and your home.

For starters, yes, it can increase the value of your home.

But that’s just for starters – because it can do so much more.

Improve the look of your home? Check.

Improve your mood? Check.

Improve the value of your home? Check.

For what amounts to a few hours of work, there’s a whole lot that it can do.

Are you thinking of giving it a go? Here are some painting tips for you.

Improve your home by painting and updating your cabinets and handles

Don’t Forget About Those Cabinets

We’re not just talking about walls anymore. Since you have the paintbrushes out and the floor protected, why not add a layer or change the look of your cabinets while you’re at it? 

Your cabinets should pop and accent the (new?) color of your interior as well.

And don’t forget your trim and wood paneling throughout your house. That little can make an enormous difference in the overall look you’re going for. 

Swap Out Your Hardware and Accessories

While you’re at it, why not update some hardware and accessories around your home?  

Look for easy things to change out that could add a great upgraded look to your home. Things like door handles, cabinet knobs and handles, and faucets can be an inexpensive way to update the look of your home.

And you can probably find it at your local hardware store, or find a Home Depot or Lowe’s nearby. 

Increase the Usable Space in Your Home

I heard that groan…

It’s nobody’s favorite activity, but decluttering and organizing your home is a must.

It can increase the usable space in your home, making it more inviting for others, and it can also make it more inviting for you and your family.

declutter and organize to add space to your home

That’s right, just a little cleanup and organization can open up any room in your house, transforming a kitchen or living room from a place to eat or watch tv into a room that everyone wants to congregate. 

So clean it up, add a little ambiance, and host a book club or card night with the friends.

What’s that you ask? 

Why yes – just like so much of these, it can also add value to your home.

Your Interior Home Improvement Isn’t Complete Without Doing This

Make your floors stand out to improve your home

Cleaning and maintaining your floors can make them go from worn looking to almost brand new, and can make them stand out to anyone that comes into your home.

If you have hardwood or engineered floors, the process to clean them up and make them shine is pretty much the same.

Do you have any carpet? Throughout the years, your carpet takes a beating.

And since it plays out over such a long time, it often goes unnoticed. 

If you haven’t done a good steam cleaning in a few years, now is the time. Wait until you see all the dirt and grime that gets pulled up.

No matter your flooring, take the time to clean and maintain it properly. Even if you’ve had it for a while, a good cleaning can make it come alive.

Add Value to Your Home by…Landscaping?

It’s true, think about it – what’s the first thing people notice when they pull up to your house? 

A well-groomed and maintained yard can go a long way for the look of your overall house.

And it will help you want to spend some time outside in your yard as well. 

So pull those weeds, trim those shrubs, plant a few trees, and buy that outdoor patio set you’ve wanted for so long – so you can relax with a drink and get some good old vitamin D.

Your Exterior Deserves a (Power) Wash

Since we’re talking about first impressions, the exterior of your home is next on this list. After your (now) well-groomed and maintained yard, people notice your home.

How does it look? I mean, how does it really look? 

Because like carpet, the dirt and grime on your home’s exterior can sneak up on you. 

I’ve seen home’s that, when power washed, look almost new.

Kick Back, Relax, and Enjoy Your Newly Improved Home!

No more stressing about the clutter, color, or 

Rest easy knowing you can improve your home with just a little time and elbow grease.

It can transform your home into an organized and welcoming home for any occasion.

But your new look home shouldn’t just be for others to see and enjoy – it should be for you and your family to enjoy too.

So whether it’s creating a great outdoor space so you can relax outside, or a cozy indoor space to gather ’round and spend time together, go through our list and take some time to improve your home today, inside and out.

You won’t be sorry you did.


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