You’ve got an extensive project or renovation in the works, and you’re doing your research to find the best construction company for the job.

But let’s face it — finding the right construction company for your project is no easy task. There are so many construction companies out there, and all of them claim to offer the best services.

So how do you go about it?

To make your search for a good general contractor easier, we’ve compiled a list of important tips to consider before hiring someone.

Read below and you’ll be well-equipped to find the right construction company for your project.

1. A License to…Contract

This one may seem easy, but yet somehow we always see people miss it.

Hiring a licensed contractor just makes things easier.

Get to know the contractors you choose by asking to see their licenses. Once you’ve verified their licenses and certificates, ask them about their experiences.

2. How’s Their Rep?

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Before choosing a company to get your project started, you’ll want to check its reputation. You can check it out on the Better Business Bureau website, which is a website that looks out for ethical businesses. It also provides a guide on how to find the best contractors in your area, which you can use for your research as well.

3. Dig for Reviews

If you’ve got it narrowed down to a few companies, or you want to look at one specifically, often you can find reviews on their website.

Another option is that you can look on for local construction companies, see their awards, how they rank within Houzz, and see how they stack up vs. other construction companies in the area.

4. How Detailed are Their Quotes?

How detailed are their quotes?

We’ve seen everything from too detailed (it’s possible) to not detailed enough (literally only an overall price) – you’ll want somewhere right in the middle. Think Goldilocks when you think of your quote – you want it just right. Clear and concise, yet detailed enough that you can see what each part of your project costs so you can make necessary adjustments as you need, during the pricing and design phase.

To get a good idea, ask to see previous quotes that they’ve used so you have an idea what to expect upfront.

Then when you get your quote, you’ll have a good sense of your entire budget and where the money’s going.

This is the time to ask the questions you have.

Make sure to ask them questions regarding their work culture, and whether they can help you with translating your ideas. You can also ask them about their experience in handling similar projects.

5. Get it in Writing

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Be sure to get a written contract that details the services and all other terms and conditions of your project.

Your agreement should include timeline, payment schedule, insurance, and other specifics as per your project requirements. You’ll know a good contract because usually it’s too much to read through – but you’d be well advised to read through it all and make sure you understand it. This is your home we’re talking about.


6. Ask The General Contractor For Their References

Before you make a decision and hire a specific company, you need to make sure that they’re reputable. The best way to do that is to talk to one or two references.

Typically, a general contractor can point you to a few of their own references too, and if so you can talk to them about how the entire process went and how their relationship was with their general contractor.

Sure, the references are coming from the company, but usually, these references are people that met during the course of a large project and don’t have a prior history with the general contractor, and they make themselves available as a reference because they truly stand behind the company and their work.

7. Ask Your Friends for Construction Company Referrals

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Before choosing your contractors, ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. If you don’t have an enormous circle of friends, check out your local Chamber of Commerce, trade organizations, business community, or even online through word-of-mouth advertising.

Usually, someone within your network has had a pleasant experience with a construction company and is happy to recommend them.

Ask about their experience — any good construction company should have an excellent reputation and well-established clientele.

8. Visit Someone Else’s Project

A good way to get a general contractor’s opinion on your project is to ask for a site visit. Ask the company representative which upcoming project visit they have lined up and see if you can go with them.

You’ll see their work in action, have a friendly conversation with your contractor and get to know them a little more.

And you can discuss your projects so they have a general feel for what you’re looking for too.

9. Get to Know Your Friendly Neighborhood General Contractor

At the end of the day, go with your gut.

Many construction projects take a long time to complete. A remodel can last anywhere from a few months to a year, whereas a whole house build can last multiple years (depending on the size), and then add in the design and pricing process.

It’s a long process.

And throughout that time you want someone honest that you can trust to build the house that you want, someone that makes themselves available whenever you need them, and someone that you get along with.

Make sure the company represents your values and has the qualities you want to be working on your project.  Ask about the background of the company. It’s also important to ask about the experience and skill-set of your contractors.

Throughout the entire process you start to build a relationship with each other, and speaking from personal experience, there are many homeowners who are now good friends with our team at H-1 Construction.

Create a Great Partnership and Watch Your Project Come to Life

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Choosing the best construction company for your project is a tough decision.

Make sure you choose someone that’s going to build the project you want, be transparent, and have good communication.

Choose someone who will work with you to create the house you want.

You want teamwork throughout the process with clear and consistent communication, as well as honesty to build that level of trust.

There are plenty of construction company horror stories out there, but for every horror story, there’s a positive story too.

If you have any other questions or thoughts, please reach out to our team at H-1 Construction.

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