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Welcome to H-1 Construction

H-1 Construction is one of the few local, family-owned, and operated home builders in Honolulu, Oahu. We take pride in our work and the relationships we have fostered over the years. With over 30 years of contracting and construction experience in Hawaii, we have worked on projects ranging from custom new luxury homes to extensive renovations and additions, commercial tenant spaces, and even kitchen and bathroom remodels. When quality matters, you can count on H-1 Construction home builders.

We believe that every project starts with you, your vision, and your dream.

That’s why we pride ourselves on making the construction process fun and exciting for everyone involved. We are more than a design and contracting company. We are dedicated to bringing your dream home to reality.

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Our Custom Home Building Process

We help you design it. Then, we build it from start to finish. We offer turnkey construction solutions where we plan, design, and build your home construction project.

We have built countless custom-designed homes in Hawaii. Our custom home-building services incorporate a uniquely integrated construction and architecture practice dedicated to building and design services in our home building services. Because of this, our team of builders, designers and contractors in Hawaii are always on the same page, ensuring seamless communication and efficient project management that stays on track with project timelines and budgets.

Before any concrete is poured or nail is struck, we take the time to hear your vision, dreams, needs, and goals for the home; then, we get to work.

Your custom home starts and ends with you, the client. We work tirelessly to perfect the custom home design, then begin the construction process, taking the time to perfect every aspect of the project. Each one of our custom home builds includes available warranty programs that ensure the quality of our work lives up to your specifications and expectations.

Our Custom Home Building Services

Custom Architectural Drawings

Your custom home design starts with you and is shaped by you. Your home design is created with the help of an architectural designer from Fujita + Netski Architecture. All finishes and home features are chosen with the help and guidance of your designer. Your luxury home plans are then reviewed with you then finalized.

Design Coordination and Planning

To ensure a stress-free home-building process, we handle the time-consuming tasks that come with the preparation and follow-up of a building the home. These tasks including permitting, site preparation, planning, and more.

Site Preparation

Before anything else, the project site needs to be properly prepared for the home construction to begin. Depending on the home or the lot, our contractors will prepare the site accordingly which may involve removing debris, rocks, trees, and any obstacles that may impede construction. Laying the home foundation will occur during this stage.

Construction Management

As with any custom home build, precise planning and execution are paramount to successful projects. Our project management team ensures the construction follows predetermined timelines and expectations while staying within budget.

Custom Building and

As a custom home builder in Hawaii, our projects require quality craftsmanship and sound construction practices. We take the time to make sure the job is done right the first time.


Here we will add the final touches, clean all dust and debris, and prepare your home for the big reveal. During this phase, we will complete a final inspection to ensure everything is completed to our high-quality standards.

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Why Choose H-1 Construction as Your Custom Home Builder in Hawaii

As an experienced custom home builder in Honolulu, H-1 Construction has built stunning residences throughout Hawaii, bringing homeowners’ dream homes to reality. Our custom home-building services range from the home design’s inception and creation to the project’s construction and completion.

We understand the ins and outs of custom home building and the potential pitfalls and challenges of designing and building your custom-designed home. We closely collaborate and work with you every step of the way, from the design phase to construction and completion. We build custom homes that are built to last generations by emphasizing quality materials, unrivaled craftsmanship, and industry-leading construction practices.

H-1 Construction is built on transparency, integrity, and high-quality work.

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