Our owner at H-1 Construction has been featured in an article by Real Estate Bees!

Titled 21 Good Questions to Ask Your Potential Custom Home Builder Before Hiring, and as the title suggests, there are some great questions you should ask any custom home builder that you’re looking to work with.

Here are a few of the questions answered by Luke Stensland of H-1 Construction.

Q: What is your asset to debt ratio?

A: Your General Contractor should be able to show a good standing credit to make sure their debt isn’t too great, where they are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Q: How many jobs do you run in conjunction with each other?

A: Every company should have a selected threshold of jobs they can handle at once. If the answer is unlimited or questionable, the client should be cautious.

Q: How is a typical week structured and how is that conveyed to your client?

A: A work schedule for the contractor to adhere to and the client to refer to is a must. These typically change throughout the construction process, but a good GC will keep the work schedule and client updated with revisions.

Q: What will you sub-contract out and what will you do in-house?

A: Some GC’s will completely sub out the entire build. Some have in-house employees. Two different approaches in hopes of the same result. But a general contractor with in-house employees has a lot more on the line than a GC who subs everything out.

Q: What type of supervision do you provide throughout my project?

A: Depending on the size of your project, it should have an onsite supervisor provided by the GC to help your project run as smoothly as possible.

Q: How will my payment schedule be structured?

A: Among the things to ask a home builder should be the payment schedule and what type of deliverables will be in conjunction with that particular payment schedule.

A payment schedule to hold your GC too is crucial in order to make sure they are staying on target with their deliverables. Otherwise the GC can ask for money anytime they’d like resulting in payments being ahead of the actual work being completed. This will directly affect how and when your project will be completed.

Q: Are you licensed and properly insured?

A: A general contractor in Hawaii is required by law to have the following insurance:

  • general liability ($1,000,000 or more)
  • workmen’s compensation
  • temporary disability insurance
  • commercial vehicle coverage and
  • have a BC license with the state of Hawaii.

Q: What is an expected timeline for my project?

A: This has a wide range of answers depending on the size of the project. Holding a contractor’s feet to the fire to some sort of deadline is crucial. Otherwise, the contractor could have the tendency to drag his feet while completing other projects.

Q: Do you have client references?

A: A list of 6-12 satisfied past clients is a must. Site walkthroughs of under construction and finished projects, even better.


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