How to Find the Right Home Remodelers for Your Project

When planning a home remodeling project, many homeowners wonder how to choose the best company for the job. This is crucial, as picking suitable home remodelers can help ensure a smooth, stress-free project. Here are five useful suggestions to help you find the best professionals for your home upgrade.

1. Ask Around

One of the best ways to find a good home remodeling company is to get referrals. Ask your friends, neighbors, and work colleagues whether they can recommend a contractor. Ask how they worked with the contractor and if they can share any lessons learned.

2. Check Online

Angi, HomeAdvisor, and the Better Business Bureau are popular places to start looking online for businesses and to check reviews. You can also do Internet searches for home remodelers and look at reviews that previous clients have left. Remember that the quality of workmanship and service will largely determine the quality of the final result.

At this point, you’ll be able to identify some candidates. Try to pick no more than three companies, as more than that can be confusing. Then, use the next three tips to narrow down to one choice.

3. Inspect Credentials

When you have chosen several prospects, check their credentials. Make sure they have the required licenses from state and local agencies and have insurance. Also, check if they hold certifications from professional organizations. You can find out by looking at the contractors’ websites and online organization registries. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Home Builders are examples of such organizations.

4. Inquire About Materials

You may also ask about the use of energy-efficient materials. Many contractors incorporate energy efficiency into their projects. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 56% of companies registered or certified their project with the U.S. Green Building Council or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in the past three years. Find out if the companies you’re considering are part of this percentage.

5. Request Written Estimates

Ask for site visits and written estimates from each company. How each company’s staff communicates with you is important, as you might be working closely with them for weeks or even months, depending on the scope of your project. How responsive are they to inquiries? Companies should also ask you lots of questions to become familiar with your requirements.

There are many ways to find a remodeling company, so follow these tips to select the best home remodelers with confidence. Contact H-1 Construction LLC today to get started with our top-notch home remodeling services!

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