Luke and his colleagues did a fantastic job renovating our townhouse. We had the kitchen remodeled, put new fixtures in the bathrooms, had tile floors installed throughout, and the whole apartment repainted. There were problems with the existing construction–including a practically-unusable pantry and very uneven concrete flooring–that Luke’s crew was able to solve at reasonable cost.

Luke’s crew chief on our job, Jozeph, was top-notch: great communication, highly responsive, and good at problem-solving. We lived in the apartment during the renovation, which added complexity that Jozeph and his crew were very professional in dealing with.

Where we needed to reduce costs to keep the project within our budget, Luke’s people were able to suggest alternatives which we have been very happy with. Almost four years later, we are still getting compliments from guests about the look-and-feel of our renovations.

We hired H-1 to do roofing and siding repairs on a house after this project, and were very pleased with the result of that work as well.

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