Is the Three-Bid Process a Misleading Home Build Strategy?

Interview with General Contractor, Lucas Stensland

Article from Hawaii Home + Remodeling Magazine titled “Is the Three-Bid Process a Misleading Home Build Strategy?” by the insightful Jade Snow.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Exploring Home Build Strategies: Author, Jade Snow, takes us on a journey challenging the norms, especially the highly debated three-bid process. She interviews with the area’s renowned General Contractor of H-1 Construction, Lucas Stensland, provides expert insights.

Questioning Norms: Get ready for a fresh perspective on home builds and strategies that could genuinely reshape the way you approach construction.

Why We’re Excited: At H-1 Construction, we’re all about growth and staying ahead of the curve. This article highlights the daring exploration and usual practices in home building.

Navigating the Three-Bid Complexity: Stensland delves into the intricacies of the traditional three-bid process, suggesting a game-changing approach. Instead of the usual draft-and-bid search for affordability, he encourages selecting a collaborative team and an informed general contractor from the get-go.

It’s about making decisions with clarity, aligning your budget, and setting expectations that truly match your vision.

Join the Heartfelt Conversation: This isn’t just a piece of content; it’s an invitation to a conversation. Head over to the article and share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your unique perspective is the heartbeat of our community, and we’re genuinely eager to hear from you!

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